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7/30/18 Update: Raylene sends her deepest appreciation to all of you for your tremendous support. She really felt the love from the Community and remembers hearing a female voice telling her, “It’s time to wake up and go back now.” Raylene is home now and using her creativity on how to use her Intuitive skills to earn income while she fully heals her lungs. Check out her Crystal Jewelry + Card Reading and other offerings on her website,  I want to add a special thank you to the many people who donated money, who bought T shirts and to the 21 Mediums who stepped up to donate their time to do Raylene’s readings while she was in a coma –and to Angie Wilson, Heather Quinto and Jessica Baumeister who helped with the support effort. To Ryan Adragna who did an immediate healing session for Raylene, to Veronica Drake who said yes to Elisa Medhus and me to help us figure out where Raylene was. A major thank you to Erik Medhus and to you Momma Elisa for raising the Awareness. Also, an incredible thank you to Kathy Dench, who went to check up on Raylene at the hospital and checked in with Raylene's mother in person to find answers for us. Together we stand in Light and Love.

7/19/18 Update: Raylene has been released from the hospital and is recuperating at home. I asked if she remembered anything while in a coma and she said, "I remember a female telling me it was time to go back now."  She expresses her gratitude to all of you for such an outpouring of love! Raylene will be on "light duty" until she fully recovers. However she must have gotten some inspiration because she is planning a live Workshop in her hometown of Thornton, Colorado (Denver area) in September! Seating will be limited so check out her website soon if you are interested:

7/11/18 UPDATE!! Our lovely friend and colleague, Raylene, has awakened from her coma and is healing.  *** Sadly her small family had to let go of their apartment because Raylene is a primary source of income.  Raylene will need to secure another apartment as soon as she is out of the hospital. 


If you saw Raylene's YouTube video with Elisa on Astrology, you know Raylene does Astrology reports.  Raylene is now able to generate astrology reports from her hospital bed!  Access her website on how to order a report from her...she will use the money for her new apartment. Or if you prefer, you can donate directly to Raylene's PayPal account. Reference her email as donation recipient on

A third option is the T-Shirt fundraiser where the accumulated net profit will be donated to Raylene for sales made through 9/5/18. Click on the Store tab at the very top of this website page to make a purchase.



7/5/18 UPDATE!! Raylene texted me ever so briefly today!!!  She is still in the hospital but due to be release soon where her recovery will continue at home. She did say she had been very ill causing respiratory failure/coma.  Thank you everyone for your Light and Love and Prayers, and especially for sending your Big-Time Allies to check in on and support Raylene! 

Together We Stand in Light and Love,



Original posting:  As many of you have heard, Raylene Nuanes is on life support. As of this posting on 7/4/18 we understand she is still in the hospital. Many of you have asked how you can donate to assist Raylene with expenses.  

I created a special T-Shirt that I will post for the next 60 days and will donate 100% of the net profit to Raylene.  I was inspired to create this particular design as another way to share our collective message to Raylene that during this difficult time for her, that Together We Stand in Light and Love with and for her.  *** If you would like to participate in this fundraiser click on the Store tab at the top of this website and go from there. 


How you can give cash donations instead if you prefer to do that: I am not collecting cash donations myself due to tax implications to a non-family member; please consider donating directly to Raylene's PayPal account if you prefer to send cash: Simply reference her email as donation recipient at  You will need to set up a PayPal account if you don't already have one to put money into her PayPal account).

I don't believe these types of donations are tax deductible so if that's a deal breaker for your, check with your tax person.


--In Light and Love, Paulina Hill

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